Sunday, February 21, 2010


Looking forward to getting back to my regular posting schedule this week! I decided to unplug while my family and I had the glorious opportunity to go to Maui, Hawaii...God certainly blessed us with beautiful weather, gorgeous places and fantastic memories. I'm eager to share them with you!

Can't wait to reconnect and hear from you!


  1. Oh wow! Hawaii! No wonder you haven't been around cyberland in a while! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Welcome back!

  2. How wonderful! My husband & I went there for our honeymoon and LOVED it.

  3. Welcome home! What a lovely treat for you and your family. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Hhhhh Hawaii?? Yikes girl. I simply cannot blame you for not posting while in dreamland. Glad you had a wonderful, safe trip.

    So? Tell us more. =)

  5. Jody - With your uber-busy schedule, I'm so honored that you noticed that I'd been absent!! Hawaii was fantastic! I look forward to sharing what God showed me! And getting back to visiting your blog! God bless you, sweet sister!

    Susan - What an awesome honeymoon you must have had!! Hawaii is amazingly beautiful! Isn't our Creator awesome?! Looking forward to catching up with you! God bless!

    Dorothy - Thanks for the hearty welcome back! I can't tell you what a treat it was! Riley was even able to come with us for a few days - making it the perfect vacation! I've missed your blog. Looking forward to catching up this week!! Have a fantasticly blessed day!

    Robyn - I'm glad you don't blame me for unplugging! God certainly gave me lots of ideas to share in upcoming posts! I'm looking forward to lots of writing and getting back to your blog! Give Christopher a hug for me!! :)