Monday, January 10, 2011

An Invitation

Millions of snowflakes cover the ground. Overnight, our yard was transformed into a winter wonderland. As we slept, an army of white crystals fell from the sky. Enough to cause plans to change for virtually everyone in North Georgia. School was cancelled, and one of the busiest airports has all but shut down.

As I bundled up to brave the cold this morning, I wondered what our puppies would think of the snow. Both dogs were still asleep when I climbed the hill with their food and water. Their curiosity was evident as they left the warmth of their houses to explore the white blanket that covered the ground. After a few tentative steps, Joe and Precious decided to make the most of the situation. Their people were outside, why not play? With tails wagging, they leaped and bounded through the snow.

I'm not always as quick to jump on board when I’m led into the unknown. I may take a few moments to assess the situation, then I retreat to the safety of what I know. But God reaches out His hand in reassurance. His plan for me includes stretching and growth. He invites me to place my trust in Him, and take that first step of faith. The choice is mine.

Remember Rebekah? One day her life seemed so routine – feeding the livestock, cooking meals, and helping her parents. The next day, all of that changed. She met a stranger at the well who asked her for a drink of water. The stranger turned out to be Abraham’s servant. He was on an errand for his master: to find a bride for Abraham’s son, Isaac. The servant was convinced that Rebekah was the right woman for Isaac.

In a matter of 24 hours, Rebekah was faced with a life changing decision – to go with this servant and become the wife of Isaac, or remain in the safety of the familiar. Look at her response, “And they called Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, I will go,” (Genesis 24:58; KJV). Brave woman. One who was willing to believe that Abraham’s servant was sent by God, and that she should follow God's plan for her life.

As they neared their destination, I wonder if Rebekah had second thoughts. I can imagine the questions racing through her mind, “What will he look like? What if we don’t have anything in common? What if he doesn’t love me?” Whether she had questions or not, look at how Rebekah was rewarded, “And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her…”(Genesis 24:67). God offered Rebekah the opportunity to be a part of His plan and she willingly accepted. She became the wife of one of the patriarchs.

What about you? Is God reaching His hand out to you, inviting you to exchange the known for the unknown? Your plan for His? How will you respond? Although we may not be familiar with each step of the journey, His goal is for each of us to be conformed to the image of His Son. Take a step of faith today, and pursue the path He has for you!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I praise You for the opportunity to be a part of your plan. Help me to follow You in faith when You lead me from the familiar to the unfamiliar. I know I can trust You. Thank You for Your guidance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. I just heard that Georgia was getting some snow. I ordered my husband's book from there expediated shipping and when I told him, he asked if I hadn't heard the news. Everything is shut down!
    I feel that God's next plan for my husband and I is going to take a huge helping of faith for sure.

  2. Terri - We had about 4-5" of snow, and today has been lots of freezing rain. Not a common occurance in GA! It sure is pretty, and so far we still have electricity! Praying for you as you and your husband take that next step! Have a great day, my friend. Blessings to you!

  3. This is a lovely blog! I can see God's work in my life, taking me from the known to the unknown in many aspects, and it is a scary journey but one that i have placed my trust in God in. I know that the only constant thing in life is change. Thanks for relaying the message the way you did!

  4. KC - Always good to see you! It's great to recognize God's hand at work in us. I know you mentioned that one of your goals is to see your faith increased. I'm certain the Lord will help you to trust Him and take one step at a time! Looking forward to hearing about your journey this year! God bless!

  5. Great post Maria and a lovely prayer!! I believe God is an adventurous God and I love it when He takes us places... but I'm a bit nervous too (which is normal when you go on a trip, right?!)

  6. Awesome picture. Your post blessed me. I got excited as I read about Rebekah as I just read about her yesterday. And had similar thoughts. Thanks for sharing and hope you are staying warm!

  7. Hi friend! Wow I needed your post today! It is always so much more comfortable to cling to the "known," but it rarely gets us anywhere . . . I know that God is asking me to step out in faith . . . to grab hold of His plan without having a full vision of what lies ahead . . . it's just not easy. I'd rather have all the answers. But, I know He's using it all to grow my faith . . . and I've experienced His faithfulness continually, so I know I must trust Him . . . even in the dark.
    Love, hugs, and prayers,

  8. Hi Maria -

    We're also under that snowy blanket.

    I can relate to Rebecca. One day, God brought along a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that turned my world right side up. :)


  9. Hi Maria,
    WOW-beautiful photo!! So pretty!!All that snow in Georgia!
    Your post so touched my heart today and thank you for encouraging and inspiring.I needed to read your words today as I wait on the Lord for a decision on my job situation. I have been blogging on this and I am still waiting. But do you know this will take me out of my comfort zone,out of the known into the unknown! He wants me to step out in faith.He is teaching me to trust Him and to let Him lead me and I remember my plans are not His plans.God has been so good to me and so faithful. You are a blessing.
    Blessings and hugs.